working lego SIG P320 replica (2023) NEW!!

My most recent and by far my most advanced LEGO creation yet. It shoots real projectiles like all my other pistols, and is build 100% from real unmodified LEGO pieces. For it’s form factor it’s without a doubt the best working (and looking) brick shooter you will find. I carefully tuned the mechanism to get it to work super reliable and even better than my previous pistols. And let’s be honest, it looks dope 🙂

Want to learn the internal workings and build this pistol yourself?

working lego glock 17 | cs:go inspired skins (2022)​

A complete step by step instructions on how to build my original brick replica of the
famous Clock 17. It shoots real plastic bricks, powered by rubber bands.
Futures a working magazine with 7 rounds capacity. One of the most reliable pistols I invented, and has been build successfully by hundreds of people already.


Working lego m1911 replica (2020)​

This was the very first working 4 stud wide LEGO pistol I invented (in 2020). The mechanism is very basic and simple, but it’s fun and works pretty well.

I think that about sums it up…

Want to build it urself, go checkout the instructions here.